Album or not to Album?

Thinking about whether to upgrade your package to an album, but not sure it is worth it?

Lots of my couples are unsure which package to sign up for when it comes to their wedding. In this Digital Age, they wonder, 'Do we really need a hard copy of our wedding images?'

Photos and images are so easy to come by these days. Whip out your phone, tap, send it off to some 'cloud' to be stored 'safely' for all eternity and you are done, right?

You can always get them printed later; very true. But where would you go to get them printed? A high street store, chemist, or use an online app? All this sounds so easy and sounds like the most economical option.

Let me put a spanner in the works... (sorry!)

You guys are playing your photographer a fair sum of money not just to physically take the photos, but to also spend many hours at the computer editing those images. Typically, this is what we mean by editing.

Before and After

This image, in particular, has had a few adjustments. It was taken during a baby massage class where it wouldn't have been appropriate to use flash. This is the case during wedding ceremonies. Therefore the skin has been smoothed and illuminated, the eyes have been highlighted and the whole image has been given a light and airy feel.

The price of your photographer includes a top-notch camera, capable of super sharp pictures, hefty editing software, and also the time and expertise to recognise and compensate for poor lighting and difficult scenarios. But were you aware that you are also paying for exclusive access to high tech, ultra sharp processing labs?

The professional labs used by photographers will make sure that their printers are callibrated to print the images at the exact colour tone and exposure as the digital image they receive. You've paid your photographer to edit you image, so surely you'd like your image to print correctly?

Unfortunately, high street and especially online and app photo printing sites don't have the same high-tech equipment and definitely don't check the colours and tones of each individual image! That ultimately means that the pictures often come out a bit too dark, eyes can appear much darker and skin can look too warm or too cool. For your holiday pictures, or quick snaps off your phone that would be fine, but for your wedding pictures?

Why invest in a super photographer, all the gear, all the editing time, only for the final images to be less than perfect?

Check out the subtle light, illumination and gentle shadow in this pic of the bride in the window (above).

And take a peek at the contrast of the sparklers and the twinkly marquee lights (below).

So, you might now see the value in getting images printed by your photographer and decide to get some prints, but should you invest in an album?

Look at the quality of this album and the time that has gone into designing each page. It has images in the background, images that contrast with others and make them stand out, and the spacing and sizes are all worked out so that your day is perfectly documented.

Have I convinced you yet? haha.

All my couples are over the moon with the albums, and if you need another reason to consider this option, you can also order mini-versions of the same album as gifts for your parents!

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to the whole album, there is no harm in asking your photographer if they can offer smaller (in size) albums or albums with fewer pages that might save some pennies.

Happy wedding planning :)

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