How this bride's day was nearly ruined, and how to avoid the same...

You've been waiting for this day all your life, and now it is here. You have read all the blogs, commented on forums, followed other bride's on FB and insta and you have planned everything down to the nth degree? More importantly you found wedding suppliers that you clicked with. You feel comfortable and at ease with your photographer and love their style. You've had your hairdresser recommended to you and you are excited after seeing how amazing your hair looks after your hair trial. So what can go wrong?

This is Emma, my first bride of 2019, with her big day on 2nd Jan. She had done everything above, and more and was ultra organised.

Emma was getting married in Tunberidge Wells, an hours drive away from her home. She had been growing her hair for ages and had the perfect style in mind. Her venue had recommended her hairdresser and she had read great reviews on She was also awesome during her hair trial. Everything seemed right, until it came to her wedding day.

Her hairdresser was due to arrive at Emma's hotel at 9.45, but at 10am, she hadn't arrived and I started to get a bit twitchy.

"She'll be here soon. I probably made a mistake. Instead of quarter-to ten, it is probably quarter-past ten that we arranged," Emma told her Mum, daughter and myself.

At 10.20am I suggested to Emma that she should ring the hairdresser and just check that she was on her way. She called the salon.

No answer.

Emma looked on the hairdresser's FB page and messaged her.

No reply.

11am, and no contact from the hairdresser. Emma WAS now worried and had started on the gin!

Can you imagine!? Emma was contemplating doing her own hair, but who can do their own hair well enough to be wedding day worthy? I certainly can't!!

I couldn't let Emma look back at her photos and be disappointed with her hair, so I took a swift stroll to a hair salon over the road from the hotel.

"We are so sorry. We don't do wedding hair!" They said, but they took pity on my bride and knew other hair salons that might...

After a few phone calls, they managed to track down a salon that was able to fit Emma in, but only if she could make it to the salon.

Emma whipped on her trousers and denim jacket over her PJs and I lead the bride, her mum and daughter to the salon, hoping it was going to be able to do the job.

Emma's mum was in tears when we got to the salon.

When we arrived, the place was having a refit and were not open to customers, so they opened specially for Emma!

The salon was perfect for photos! Big bright windows, hanging mirrors and fabulous staff. They not only did Emma's hair at the laast minute, but also her mum's and her daughter's too!

Emma actually preferred her hair on the day, to how it had been done during her hair trial, but it could have ended up so differently.

Emma only had the original salons phone number. Had she had her mobile number, she may have been able to contact the hairdresser, who was sadly in hospital.

Now, at every bridal consultation I always advise brides to have a written list of all their supplier's mobile numbers, JUST IN CASE.

Happy hair

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