Ring-bearing dogs, and other ways to personalise your wedding...

Bernie the Ring Bearer

In March I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Katherine & Sam. I was super excited about this wedding not only because it was a gorgeous venue and a lovely couple, but because the couple had given lots of thought into personalising their special day and making it reflect them and their lives.

Personalised favours

Katherine is a crafty sort and had painstakingly embroidered the names of all the guests onto napkins. She also made gifts for both sets of parents; an embroidered napkin with a personal poem to each parent.

Homemade welcome board

These details not only create an image, or a theme to your wedding, they can be very touching. These poems were such a touching detail that it brought tears to her grandma's eyes, which from a photographer's point of view is gold and a great moment to capture.

Touching Poem

You don't need to be crafty to have a personalised wedding. Another special part of their wedding was the cake; made lovingly and skilfully by a friend and the bridesmaid's flowers were tied with wool to represent Katherine's love of crafts.

However, the most exciting element to the wedding was Bernie; the couple's ring-bearing dog. He was fondly referred to as the couple's 'first born' by the registrar and was a valued member of the wedding party. The rings were placed in a bag attached to his collar and when his big moment came, he was walked to the altar by the Father of the Groom.

Bernie, stole the show, and the couple couldn't imagine getting married without him.

So, don't be afraid of going against the trend, making things yourself or including very personal elements to your day. It is these things that make it 'your' day, and unique and special. Everyone will remember Bernie.

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