Posed or Candid?

Candid or posed?

I have to be honest, I like both and to a degree I don't think you really need to pick a side. Although, I'm not a massive fan of over posing couples; "Arm here, face this way..," because you'll feel unnatural and it will show on your faces. I do however, find it beneficial to allocate a little bit of time to take stock and relax after the pressure of the ceremony; just the two of you. That way posed or not, we'll definitely capture some amazing moments between you.

I've found that my best images are from moments when my couples feel comfortable. I might suggest a good spot to pause and take a moment together, but the magic comes from bringing out the emotions and uniqueness of your relationships. That can be tricky when you've got an audience and adrenaline pumping. My job is to arrange situations where you can feel relaxed, at ease and be yourselves, but also ultimately make sure you look stunning.

As for the guests and bridal party, I love to catch the wiping of tears, the stolen glances, the laughter and the atmosphere of the day.

So my style is very much 'candid posing' or 'planned naturalness,' if that makes sense?!

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