What if I feel nervous in front of the camera?

Feeling nervous on your wedding day is natural. Not only is it 'the biggest day of your life,' you've also been planning hard for it, and everyone you know ill be there too! If that isn't enough to make you quiver in your sparkly princess shoes (or converses; either) then adding 'hugemongous' zoom lens in to the mix, probably isn't going to make you feel any better, right?!

Well, let me put your mind at ease. While it is true, that you will probably spend more time with me than your bride/groom on your wedding day, I promise that is a good thing.

"How, is having a lens in my face all day a good thing?" you may well ask.

Well, firstly, we are going to be friends way before your wedding. We will meet and have a good chin wag about your special day; the quirks, worries, annoying relatives, your hopes and wishes for the day. You will have told me all about your wedding party, why and how you chose your Best Man and bridesmaids, and we will have had a cup of tea while scribble it all down.

So, I won't be a stranger. From that point on, I'm going to make sure that I do everything to make your day exactly as you've described. I'm gunning for you like a friend and can be called on to be looking out for you, and looking after you all day like an additional bridesmaid.

So, now we are friends, you won't mind me taking a few pics of you. There are times, when I will be discrete and blend into the background; you'll hardly know I'm there. But, during the formal and group shots, it is up to me to make everyone feel at ease and I can capture some beautiful natural moments. I make an effort to learn all the immediate family and wedding party's names before the day, so helping and directing people into group shots is friendly and easy. I can't promise to be very good at telling jokes, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for making sure everyone has a good time and genuinely smiles.

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