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The Experience


My Photographer Goals:

To capture you; the real you, the authentic you. I'll see the best you, and add a sprinkle of creativity to your story.

No two weddings are the same, and I'm excited about yours. I aim to make your time in from of the camera memorable, with lots of laughter.


Every wedding has its own vibe and I'm going to capture the essence of your love, your family and your day.

I often have the pleasure of revisiting the same venues, but your wedding story will be totally unique and totally YOU


With 80% natural and documentary moments, and 20% planned shots, you'll be sure to have captured the beauty of the day, as well as bringing to light all the special details. 


When we meet and go through all your plans, I want to know everything, so I can capture your personalities, ideas and the uniqueness of your relationship. For me, it is all about people, the raw emotions, the proud Father of the Bride, the nervous groom, that first glance at his bride...

You can expect me to be gunning for you and wanting your day to be the best it can be. I'm going to be that friend that gives you the encouraging smile, the extra bridesmaid that straightens your dress and the photographer that notices every glance, tear, smile and moment.

My style is non-obtrusive, and subtle. Although friendly and welcoming, I'm naturally quiet and softly spoken and for most of the day I will be in the background watching and capturing moments you might miss. However I'm used to organising large groups of people (and children...think of the expression 'herding cats') and will organise group shots with efficiency and a fun and friendly manner, meaning you can relax and enjoy your day.


My equipment is top-notch! My camera is capable of amazing things in not-so-amazing environments, e.g. dark churches, blinding sunshine and everything in between. I operate a 2 card system, so I have a back-up of all your images.

I have trained with and shadowed some amazing professionals, but am constantly learning, researching and evolving. I'll be thinking all about the light, composition, focus so you don't have to!

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