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This was my first 'Covid Wedding.' But it was just as beautiful and special as any other.

As usual, I spend time before the Bride and Groom arrive, just scouting out the surroundings. Even if I've been to the venue many times before, there is always something new or different depending on the light, weather or the season.

This was a wet, but very muggy late August wedding. After weeks of scorching weather, the rain was very much needed by the lawn, but I think it gave the images a warmth and depth that a lush green lawn just wouldn't have got.

The boys arrived ready and we took a stroll over to the brick wall by the rose garden for a few shots of them together.

I love this one of Ian, the groom.

The girls were in the Bridal Suite having a calm, but busy prep session.

What made even more special was having Jenny, the Bride's grandchildren with her. They were so well-behaved and loved having the great big house to themselves and to explore.

The intimate ceremony, with twenty-something guests was beautiful and elegant.

With an abundance of emotion and love from family and friends.

I wish Ian and Jenny all the very best.

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