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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Mel is an old friend of mine and being asked to document her wedding day was both a complete honour and very scary. Meeting her friends and family and watching their pride and happiness was so very touching.

They chose the Roslin for deeply sentimental reasons and planned their day, asking friends and family to have an input.

Their beautiful cake was made by a colleague and friend, 'Posh Sue', who is a teacher by profession, but also secretly a master cake baker. Mel and Steve asked Steve's sister to design the cake top. She aptly chose two kissing bunnies, as Mel and Steve keep and love rabbits.

Mel's morning was spent preparing, laughing and crying in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids and mum.

It was very important to Mel that her bridesmaids knew how special they were to her and she made stunning gift boxes for them all.

Mel and Steve had an intimate ceremony in The Bay room at the Roslin Hotel, overlooking The Estuary. It was a photographer's dream; huge bifold doors facing the water and lots of gorgeous natural light.

Joe Gibson, sang beautifully as guests arrived and again once the ceremony was over.

Once we had regained the feeling in our fingers and toes and warmed up, the meal and evening went off with a bang; literally. During the Autumn there is a fireworks display visable from The Roslin. Amid gale force winds and side-ways rain, we attempted to capture the new Mr & Mrs Hill looking warm and happy from the balcony of their room. Great acting guys, because it was freeeezing.

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