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Natalie & Bayo at The Red Brick Barn, Rochford

I met Natalie and Bayo about two years ago, pre-Covid, in their home. Their children were little bubbas, and now they are little people! During our planning metting, Natalie shared with me her love of colour, and she really wasn't exaggerating.

With her Rainbow peek through colour dress, button bouquet and her truly remarkable shoes, she certainly lit up the aisle.

Unfortunately, this was only Part 1 of 2 wedding days; split by a year, due to Covid restriction. Bayo's family are from Nigeria and because of travel restrictions and limits on numbers, lots of his family couldn't be there, hence wedding part-deux, in 2022.

I just loved the Nigerian influences, in the choice of music and the stunning fabrics and

the role of the children. They were such a central part of the day. Their son was 'Ring Security' and took his role very seriously. What a cutie.

Their daughter was a flower girl and enjoyed the girlie bridal prep in the morning.

Also, I'd love to know what the boys were whispering to each other in the group shot below!

The Red Brick Barn was just a beautiful venue, with stunning rustic features; an open-sided barn, with boxes, tractor tyres and weeds. Is this just a dream? What a beautiful place to spend the first few moments of married life (minus the stinging nettles, sorry Natalie!)

The venue also has a miniature railway, which was sadly closed, but that would have made an awesome image. But Natalie and Bayo, still got a moment to themselves on the railway track to practise their First Dance. I love this moment; long grass, intimate looks, train track and graceful dancing.

Thank you to Natalie, Bayo and their families for making me so welcome and inviting me to capture their special day. I'm really looking forward to 2022 and doing it all again!

With thanks to:

Venue @redbrickbarntheatre

Bridal Prep venue @GleneaglesGuestHouse

Hair & Make-up @sherreeholdensbh

Dress @citybridesnorwich

Bouquet @thelovelyduckling

Shoes @irregularchoice

Videographer @theultimatecreationuk

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1 Comment

Love this! Thank you so much for capturing such amazing images! We are excited for take two already. We were lucky to find you and will highly recommend

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